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Registrations procedure
Monday, 06 August 2012 14:09

The registration procedure is as follows:

Please go to

Begin by creating your own account by clicking on ‘Register’ (the icon in the form of a little man) and by choosing your own user-name and password. Then wait for an e-mail (sent to the address given when you create an account or a registration) confirming that your account has been opened. Next go back to enter your user-name and password again, and click on ‘Register new student’ or ‘Register new teacher/director/jury’.

The AEHT code enabling us to identify the registering school remains the only link between this programme and the AEHT database. You can find your school’s AEHT code by going to

For security reasons (and to avoid
duplicate registrations) the programme will accept only one contact person (and so only one account) per school. To guarantee a place it is essential that at the pre-registration stage the schools should register students for the competitions, even under fictitious names.
Changes may be made online as they occur.

Once the registration has been made the head of delegation can download a proforma invoice which is displayed at the edge of the web page. Payment must be made as soon as possible (within three weeks).

The documentation for the competitions is currentl